About us

Founder of "What to Post Cards"

Beauty veteran turned social media guru and & social media myth buster. Kayla Zigic has worn all the hats in the beauty world. Therapist, Salon Owner, Trainer, Social Media Marketing Agency Owner, Social Media Educator, Public Speaker and now Creator of "What to Post Cards" the worlds first social media prompting cards for beauty and hair professionals.

Hi, I'm Kayla

About The Cards

If you are a salon owner searching for a fun, strategic and savvy solution to tackle the social media game, "What to Post Cards" are here to add a sprinkle of excitement and a dash of creativity to your salons online brand. (hello engagement)

Say goodbye to the days of scratching your head, wondering what to post on social media. Our "What to Post" Cards decks of daily hair and beauty specific social media prompt that will ignite your imagination and make content creation a breeze.

But what makes our cards truly special? Well, hold onto your tweezers, straightener and serums, because no two prompt cards are the same!

We are creating collections of unique and engaging ideas that will keep your audience hooked and your content fresh. From jaw-dropping hair transformations to expert beauty tips and behind-the-scenes glimpses, these cards have it all.

With "What to Post Cards" as your secret weapon, you'll be able to create month's worth of scroll-stopping content for your salon's social media.

But we're not just about saving you time (although we do that too!). We're here to inject a whole lot of fun into your social media strategy. Let your salon's personality shine as you embark on a creative journey with our cards by your side. Spice up your posts with our quirky prompts, challenge your team to fun photo contests, or surprise your followers with interactive polls and quizzes. The possibilities are endless, and the fun is guaranteed!

Key Features

1. Fun and savvy prompts: Our cards are designed to infuse your social media with excitement, creativity, and a touch of you!
2. 40-50 unique prompt cards in each deck: Each card is a gem of its own, offering a burst of inspiration and endless possibilities.
3. Endless content ideas: With month's worth of prompts, your social media calendar will be filled with captivating posts that keep your audience hooked.
4. Unleash your salon's personality: Our cards let you showcase your salon's uniqueness, share behind-the-scenes adventures, and engage with your followers and start building connections.

Industry Specific Social Media Prompts for Salon Owners

Endless Social Media Content Ideas that Spark Engagement

Strategically Designed to Build Brand Awareness and Brand Authority

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