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Rosé All Day - A Day in the Life Daily Planner

Rosé All Day - A Day in the Life Daily Planner

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The Ultimate To-Do List Notepad for Salon Owners & Managers!

Perfect for tracking your daily to-do lists, with sections to make every day productive! "A Day in the Life" Salon Owner Daily Planner is here to keep your salon life as organized as your CD collection (remember those?).

With dedicated space for lists, notes, priorities, appointments, and daily to-do lists (plus some killer social media prompts), this planner is like having a personal assistant but without having a personal assistant 😜. 


❤️ Time Planner

❤️ To-Do List, including social media prompts (IYKYK)

❤️ Notes

❤️ Daily Mantra 

❤️ Tomorrows Problem


- 50 pages

- A5 Size

  • Strategic Ideas
  • Industry Specific
  • Free Express Shipping
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